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27 Types of Pink Orchids with Pictures

The most widespread plant family in the world, orchids have over 30,000 species and many hybrids. Pink orchids are a particularly interesting species among them, valued for the distinctive blossoms they produce. With their many hues and elaborate designs, orchids lend an exotic touch to botanical collections, whether they are placed indoors or outside.

Discover the fascinating world of pink orchids, where each species demonstrates the richness and craftsmanship of nature.

Different Types of Pink Orchids


Pink Orchids

The Phalaenopsis Potter stands as one of the rarest orchid varieties of its kind, often challenging to locate in the open market. Distinguished by its original coloration, the petals are adorned with specks, stripes, and edging in a vibrant crimson hue. While the buds may not be overly large, the orchid features notably elongated leaf plates, contributing to its distinctive and sought-after appearance.


Pink Orchids

The Angelina hybrid, officially known as Phalaenopsis Charming Angelina, emerged in 2018, captivating enthusiasts with its distinct features. This variety falls under the Big Lip subspecies, showcasing medium-sized flowers in light pink or light lilac hues. Notably, a delicate pattern of crimson dots graces the core of the bud, echoing on the large white-pink lip adorned with a yellow center, adding to the allure of this relatively recent addition to the orchid family.

Los Angeles Pink Orchid

Pink Orchids

The Phalaenopsis Anthura Los Angeles showcases a unique lilac hue, with the entire expanse of its petals adorned with small crimson specks. Classified under the Multiflora group, this orchid variety stands out not only for its distinctive coloration but also for its robust root system, enabling it to thrive even in challenging conditions.

Dusty Belle

Pink Orchids

The Phalaenopsis Dusty Belle is an exceptionally fragrant and lively orchid, featuring unique red-purple petals accented by a distinct yellow border. The unusual coloration and perceptible aroma of this flower could possibly be inherited from its natural “parent,” the Schiller’s phalaenopsis, adding to the distinct charm and appeal of the Dusty Belle in the world of orchids.

Sanderian Pink Orchid

Pink Orchids

The Sanderiana Pink Orchid, endemic to a limited region, stands as one of the rarest and priciest pink phalaenopsis varieties. Its short peduncles bear 15-50 flowers with diameters ranging from 5-9 cm. The petals showcase various hues, including purple, pink, and light pink. The flower’s lip may present in white, yellow, or light brown with red blotches, further contributing to the uniqueness and exclusivity of this remarkable orchid.

Cute Holly

Pink Orchids

Despite not being the most visually striking of the aforementioned kinds, the Phalaenopsis Cute Holly belongs to the midi-phalaenopsis subgroup. Its low peduncles bear medium-sized flowers adorned in a vibrant crimson or purple hue. The bud’s lip may be present in lilac or purple.

Angel Pink Orchid

Pink Orchids

The Phalaenopsis Jiuhbao Angel, an impressive large-flowered hybrid, exhibits unpredictable bud coloration with four variations of flower shades. This orchid variety thrives in indoor conditions but demands strict adherence to care standards for optimal growth and blooming.


Pink Orchids

The enormous, velvety-soft buds of the Legato orchid are distinctive and provide a delightful tactile experience. This variety’s inflorescences have a striking range of colors, from pinkish-beige to golden-lemon. The Legato orchid’s overall appeal is enhanced by its distinctive blend of vivid colors and plush texture, which makes it a pleasant addition to any orchid collection.


Pink Orchids

Officially known as Phalaenopsis Manhattan, this pink phalaenopsis family member is sometimes confused with the Philadelphia and Pink Dragon types of orchids. Known for its red spots on rose-colored petals, this species is very striking to orchid fans because of its peculiar marble-like pattern.

Schilleriana Pink Orchid

Pink Orchids

Phalaenopsis schilleriana has a striking color and form and is well-known for its remarkable leaves. This orchid type and its hybrids stand out in terms of appearance thanks to its stripes or silvery tiger pattern on the leaf.

Phantom Pink Orchid

Pink Orchids

Phantom Pink Orchid is characterized by a unique petal arrangement that forms a net-like pattern. The mesh design, showcasing shades of crimson or dark cherry, is prominently visible on white, milky, or light beige flowers. Typically, the plant’s lip is adorned in red or burgundy. The flowers maintain the classic butterfly shape typical of phalaenopsis.

Emperor’s Pearl

Pink Orchids

The Phalaenopsis, known as Emperor Jewel or simply Jewel is an exquisite orchid variety. Classified as monopodial epiphytes, these plants boast a stem height of up to 35–40 cm, with dark, fleshy leaves arranged in two rows measuring 20–30 cm. The elongated peduncles, exceeding 62 cm, bear large flowers (7–8 cm) in a rich raspberry hue, gradually transitioning to a pale pink at the bud’s core. Despite their size and beauty, these flowers are odorless.

Pretoria Pink Orchid

Pink Orchids

The Pretoria Pink Orchid, scientifically known as Phalaenopsis Anthura Pretoria, showcases a distinctive flower coloration. The gradient of the buds, transitioning from dark crimson or purple at the core to light pink or nearly white at the edges, imparts a velvety appearance to the flowers. With sizable buds measuring 8–9 cm, elongated dark green leaves spanning 16–20 cm, and a tall bush reaching up to 50 cm in height, this variety demands ample space for optimal growth.

Dragon With An Orange Lip

Pink Orchids

Among the renowned subspecies with vibrant hues is the Phalaenopsis Pink Dragon, a hybrid variety highly favored for its unique characteristics. Notably, it features a mosaic pattern covering all its pale pink petals, adorned with rich crimson or purple dots scattered across the entire flower. The bow-shaped core of the bud stands out with its convex shape, radiating a captivating golden yellow or orange coloration. This distinctive orchid variety captivates enthusiasts with its intricate and colorful presentation.

Pink Girl Orchid

Pink Orchids

The Pink Girl Orchid, scientifically known as Phalaenopsis Pink Girl, stands out as a beloved home orchid admired for its delicate and tender appearance. Its bud petals showcase a light pink hue with a white edging. Emitting a subtle and pleasing fragrance throughout the day, this variety has its own aromatic allure. The dark green leaf plates are adorned with light brown blotches, adding to the overall appeal of this popular orchid.

Romance Pink Orchid

Pink Orchids

The hybrid Romance Pink Orchid, scientifically identified as Phalaenopsis Pretty Romance, stands out with its unique flower size and beautiful coloration. The buds exhibit a pristine white, while the petals boast a dense scattering of small, bright pink dots, forming a distinctive and contrasting pattern. Besides, the lip of the plant is adorned with a dark pink or crimson hue.

Cosmopolitan Pink Orchid

Pink Orchids

The Cosmopolitan Pink Orchid, belonging to the Phalaenopsis variety, is characterized by generously sized flowers measuring 8-9 cm in diameter. These two-toned blooms feature light pink petals with a striking vein pattern in purple or crimson. Notably, the lip boasts a distinct bright pink edging and a white core adorned with yellow veins.


Pink Orchids

Pulcherrima, also known as Phaenopsis Pulcherrima pink, is an Asian house orchid variety that belongs to the midi variety family and has peloric flowers. The flowers themselves are tiny, at 3–4 cm in diameter, yet the peduncles can grow up to 30–40 cm in length. The lip is decorated in white or pale pink, while the petals are primarily bright pink with a faint purple undertone.


Pink Orchids

There are similarities between the Phalaenopsis Anthura Cleveland and the Cosmopolitan variety. Numerous brilliant pink veins cover its lighter petals, creating a unique pattern. In contrast to its cousin, the Cleveland subspecies has a backdrop that varies in tone, going from a deeper hue in the center to nearly white at the margins. Its huge, up to 9 cm diameter flowers are offset by very short inflorescences, reaching about 20–22 cm.


Pink Orchids

The Phalaenopsis Anthura Pasadena boasts captivating flowers in varying hues of large purple, bright pink, or lilac. Its peduncles are elegantly straight, supporting open buds for an extended duration, surrounded by long rosettes of leaf plates. This orchid variety, with its graceful appearance, adds a touch of charm and elegance to any setting.

Rome Pink Orchid

Pink Orchids

The Rome Pink Orchid, scientifically named Phalaenopsis Rome, boasts a considerable size and emits a distinct, palpable fragrance. Its medium-sized flowers exhibit a gentle pink hue, and the lip may either match the bud petals’ color or present a slightly darker shade reminiscent of dusty rose.

Octopus Orchid

Pink Orchids

The Octopus Orchid, aptly named for its distinctive appearance, features a unique blend of pink and yellow hues. Its large flowers exhibit a light yellow or beige base adorned with numerous crimson or burgundy dots. A captivating pattern emerges as these bright blotches tend to concentrate at the center of the flower, adding to the originality of this particular orchid variety.

Salinas Pink Orchid

Pink Orchids

The Salinas Pink Orchid, a subspecies of indoor orchids, exhibits a preference for specific temperature conditions during growth. Frequently mistaken for the Chengdu variety, this orchid is modest in size, with medium-sized flowers ranging from 5-7 cm. The petals showcase a subtle pink hue, seamlessly transitioning from light to dark. The yellow lip is adorned with numerous crimson dots, adding to the charm of this particular variety.

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