Hi there! My name is Kelvine. M. I have been interested in gardening and nature all my life from my childhood since I grew up on a Ranch. I love raising butterflies and moths from larvae and also attracting them to my backyard garden.

My interest is now in writing, photography, and the identification of living things. Currently am a member of NABA and regional coordinator for BAMNONA since 2017. My other interests are planting trees, bird watching, growing crops, and hiking.

Having grown up in an agricultural family, I have lived in different states in my life–Texas, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Washington, Michigan, California, and Massachusetts. I also left my family in the US for about two years to live in England, Germany, and Turkey.

I graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Agricultural and Life Science. I have worked with Fauna and Flora International Organization under collection and investigative studies and reports. I split my time between Florida home and Alabama.