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21 Black Orchid Flower Species (Pictures and Identification)

The allure of the Black Orchid Flower lies not only in its enigmatic darkness but also in its mesmerizing beauty. With petals veiled in hues of midnight and lips adorned with hints of mystery, these flowers stand as silent guardians of elegance and grace. From the depths of the rainforests to the curated gardens of enthusiasts, the Black Orchid Flower captivates all who behold its rare and captivating presence.

Let’s keep reading the post below to learn about 21 gorgeous black orchid flower species to add to your passion for orchid collecting.

Different Black Orchid Flower Species

Phalaenopsis Black Butterfly

Black Orchid Flower

The dark purple petals of the Phalaenopsis Black Butterfly are embellished with tiny, light-colored dots that mimic butterfly wings. It has several little flowers on a single flower stalk, which makes for an impressive display. Its distinct butterfly-like look is enhanced by the contrast between the light spots and black petals, lending an alluring and refined touch to any collection of orchids. This orchid is very sought after due to its unique beauty and profusion of blooms.

Fredclarkeara After Dark

Black Orchid Flower

A highly prized hybrid orchid, Fredclarkeara After Dark is renowned for both its gorgeous appearance and potent scent. With the right care, an adult plant can yield up to four bloom stalks and hold up to 25 dark red flowers per stalk. This orchid, which belongs to the genus Catasetum, is regarded as one of the most exquisite in the entire world. Its distinct and alluring charm is enhanced by the flower stems that hang downward in a brush-like manner.

Phalaenopsis Black Bird

Black Orchid Flower

The huge, blueberry-colored flowers of Phalaenopsis Black Bird are placed on a single flower stalk, giving it its distinctive appearance. This orchid’s long, beautiful blossoms are what catch people’s attention. Furthermore, the huge size and waxy texture of the blooms add an appealing gloss to them, making them even more appealing. Phalaenopsis Black Bird will stand out in any orchid collection thanks to its striking hue and refined appearance, enthralling onlookers with its grace and beauty.


Black Orchid Flower

The herbaceous perennial vanda has a single, tall stem that is decorated with leaf plates that run the length of it. In contrast to many other orchids, Vanda’s blooms keep growing even after they are fully opened. Because of their strikingly dark colors, Vanda orchids with purple and deep purple tints are frequently referred to as black orchids. Vanda is a highlight in any orchid collection because of its towering stature and fascinating blossoms. It is also prized for its unusual growth habit and breathtaking blooms.

Cat Eye Black Orchid

Black Orchid Flower

The Cat Eye Black Orchid is a striking plant, growing up to 4 meters tall. Its petals are a rich blueberry color, contrasted by a vibrant yellow throat. The petals have a glossy, wax-like sheen, making the flower often appear as a masterful imitation. This distinctive appearance, combined with its unusual coloring, makes it easily recognizable among other orchids.

Doritaenopsis Little Black Pearl

Black Orchid Flower

The doritaenopsis Little Black Pearl’s low maintenance requirements make it a great choice for first-time growers, much like Phalaenopsis. It grows in a monopodial manner, with flowers clinging to a solitary vertical stalk. At the base of the plant, a rosette of leaves forms. This orchid’s usually boiling-white or sporadically pale blue or light gray petals are frequently artificially colored to give the impression that the plant is black. For orchid fans, it’s still a popular choice despite its misleading appearance.

Cymbidium Cali Night

Black Orchid Flower

Charming chocolate-colored orchids with a dark, velvety lip are Cymbidium Cali Night. Its gentle shine accentuates the lip and petal edges, adding to their attractiveness. The flower’s complex beauty is enhanced by the dark grooves that are clearly evident on the petals. Cymbidium Cali Night is a striking addition to any orchid collection, drawing praise for its distinctive look and sophisticated attractiveness due to its rich colors and graceful features.

Paphiopedilum Wössner Black Wings

Black Orchid Flower

Paphiopedilum Wössner Black Wings is a dark flower stalk with a wine-colored slipper. The flower has a stunning appearance due to its solid, waxy tint that lacks brilliant spots. The leaves are also decorated with obvious veins and have a similar dark color. This orchid is a compelling specimen in any orchid collection, drawing attention with its beautiful and enigmatic appearance. Its dark and mysterious attraction extends to its foliage as well as its deep-hued flowers.

Phalaenopsis Kaoda Twinkle

Black Orchid Flower

The 2011 hybrid Phalaenopsis Kaoda Twinkle was registered in the UK and has dark beet-colored petals that contrast with a white lip that is occasionally flecked with burgundy. Its 4-5 centimeter-long, waxy, odorless blossoms have a feel akin to leather. Each new flower reduces in size as it opens. The plant usually produces a beautiful display of small flowers on a single stalk with several branches. This cultivar offers an amazing range of forms, smells, and colors, despite its confined rosette of tiny leaves.

Phalaenopsis Black Face

Black Orchid Flower

Phalaenopsis Black Face features eye-catching neon in a rich cherry color along the petal margins, close to the column, and on the flower’s lip. Its attraction is increased by this distinctive characteristic, which produces an enthralling shimmering effect. The blossom gains a hint of beauty from the white stripes added to the lip. Phalaenopsis Black Face is a striking and colorful addition to any orchid collection, with a diameter of about 7-8 cm.

Paphiopedilum Hsinying Maru

Black Orchid Flower

Paphiopedilum Hsinying Maru is a striking and easy-to-care-for perennial orchid. Its flowers come in shades of maroon to purple, featuring unique green and brown stripes with black dots on the petals. The unusual shape and vivid coloration of the flowers make this orchid stand out and easily identifiable among other species.

Phalaenopsis Black Swan

Black Orchid Flower

The graceful orchid Phalaenopsis Black Swan has eye-catching blossoms. It is distinguished by its defined golden center and rich purple tint. Its simplicity of cultivation, which makes it appropriate for growers of all skill levels, is one noteworthy quality. With its stunning blossoms, this phalaenopsis lends refinement to any area. For orchid aficionados who want both beauty and ease of maintenance, Phalaenopsis Black Swan is a popular choice because of its distinctive appearance and reasonable care requirements.

Phalaenopsis Black Prince

Black Orchid Flower

The Phalaenopsis Ever Spring Prince “Black Prince” cultivar is well-known for its rich purple blossoms, which frequently resemble black. The cores of these blossoms have unique white patterns. The plant usually reaches a height of 17–20 inches (45–50 cm), and its blossoms can go up to 2.5 inches (7 cm) in diameter. The characteristics and upkeep of the plant determine how many flowers it produces each stalk. This beautiful orchid is praised for its exquisite beauty and distinctive coloring.

Maxillaria schunkeana ‘Black Velvet’

Black Orchid Flower

Maxillaria schunkeana ‘Black Velvet’ has velvety-textured, rich burgundy blossoms that almost seem black. The tiny, two-centimeter flowers open close to the pseudobulbs on extremely short peduncles. This rare orchid is in great demand. One flower appears on each peduncle. It was one among the top 10 monocots in the genus Brasiliorchis in 2007. The name of the genus, Maxillaria, may allude to the form of its lips, which resembles the jaws of insects, or to both.

Dracula roezlii

Black Orchid Flower

Often referred to as the “monkey face” orchid, Dracula roezlii is an exotic plant indigenous to Ecuador and Colombia. Its tiny blooms range in color from burgundy to dark brown and have dark blue veins. Watering creates an aroma that is not very fragrant, but it is similar to that of freshly cut lawns. The orchid’s peduncle grows in around three months, and it has a moveable lip. A fresh blossom appears every 5-7 days after the previous one fades.

Fredclarkeara After Dark ‘SVO Black Pearl’

Black Orchid Flower

A beautiful hybrid orchid, Fredclarkeara After Dark ‘SVO Black Pearl’ is the product of intensive breeding. During the blooming season, it can grow up to four flower stalks, each bearing peculiarly formed blooms that resemble butterflies. When completely open, these purple-burgundy blooms alternate elegantly and are equally placed throughout the stalk. It is a stunning sight, attracting the attention and admiration of orchid fans with its brilliant blossoms and emerald green leaves.

Cymbidium kiwi midnight

Black Orchid Flower

The king of orchids, Cymbidium kiwi midnight, is an epiphyte that grows epiphytically on tree trunks in Asia and Australia. Its striking blossom displays the genuine beauty of this pointed, vertically oriented plant. Up to 30 buds can be supported by a single flower stalk at once, giving rise to the moniker “living bouquet.” This orchid stands out in any collection due to its eye-catching look and abundant blooms.

Paphiopedilum Black Jack

Black Orchid Flower

Paphiopedilum Black Jack is a unique orchid, producing 10-15 flowers, each 6-7 cm in diameter, on a single 24-inch (60 cm) tall stalk. Black Jack is a distinctive variety of orchid. Rich wine color with a dark lip and faint green undertone is displayed in the blooms. The petals are ribbed and have tiny white veins at the tips. The sepals are slightly wavy. This orchid is especially beautiful and unique in the sunlight because of its vivid colors and textures.

Paphiopedilum Pisgah Midnight

Black Orchid Flower

The black veining and deep crimson petals of Paphiopedilum Pisgah Midnight give it an enticing appeal. In contrast, the stigma of the plant is marginally paler than the tips of the petals. This orchid is a stunning addition to any collection because of its deep, dark shade and beautiful veining. The modest color differences between the petals and stigma add to its particular attractiveness.

Paphiopedilum De Nachtwacht

Black Orchid Flower

The single, big blossom of Paphiopedilum De Nachtwacht has shades of black and dark brown that, under the proper light, seem nearly identical. The flower’s almost black appearance in low light adds to its enigmatic charm. This orchid is especially remarkable and distinctive due to the complex interplay of dark hues. Its striking addition to any orchid collection is its sophisticated and enigmatic appearance.

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