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24 White Dahlia Flower Varieties for Your Garden

A bouquet of white dahlias possesses an undeniable beauty. The immaculate blooms elicit a sense of simplicity and freshness, rendering them an ideal selection for any event or special occasion. If you’re contemplating the addition of timeless white dahlias to your garden, here are 24 outstanding varieties to explore!

Different Types of White Dahlia Flowers

Kenora Challenger

White Dahlia Flowers

The stunning perennial dahlia ‘Kenora Challenger,’ native to the United States, reaches a height of 2-4 feet and thrives in full sun in zones 8–11. With cactus-like, pointed petals, its spectacular blossom exhibits an enchanting pure white color. This dahlia’s sea urchin-like appearance makes it a popular choice in seaside communities, adding a unique touch to coastal gardens.

Dahlias are a hassle-free yet eye-catching addition to any landscape because they are easy to care for and only require plenty of sunlight. “Kenora Challenger” is a great option for people looking for charm and balance in a brightly colored garden.


White Dahlia Flowers

The annual beauty Dahlia ‘L’Ancresse’ hails from the United Kingdom and delights gardens with its subtle and graceful attractiveness. It grows to a height of 3–4 feet in zones 7-9 when grown in full sun. ‘L’Ancresse,’ well-known for its all-white bloom, is the best option for gardeners looking for a Dahlia that is pure white with no traces of color.

The unquestionable beauty of the flower lies in its sensuous appearance and delicate petals that are artfully and brilliantly arranged around the stem, captivating the attention of anybody who happens to glance at it. ‘L’Ancresse’ is a good example of elegance and simplicity among dahlia types.

Lady Liberty

White Dahlia Flowers

The evergreen dahlia ‘Lady Liberty,’ which comes from the United Kingdom, is a towering plant that grows to a height of 6 to 12 feet. It thrives in zones 3 to 10. Lady Liberty Dahlias are known for their carefree elegance. Their petals gently fade toward the stem, creating a fanciful and elegant yet relaxed look.

These flowers do well in chilly areas, although they do require a little extra attention. Their distinctive quality is the way they dance with the wind, giving the garden a mesmerizing sense of movement. Lady Liberty is a unique name with an uncommon look for people looking for an atypical white Dahlia.

My Love

White Dahlia Flowers

Mexican dahlia ‘My Love,’ a perennial favorite, grows to a height of 3–4 feet and thrives in zones 8–11 when exposed to full light. These dahlias are so well-liked because of how simple they are to grow and how pretty their cream color is. They are a great option for bright gardens or homes by the sea.

‘My Love’ defies the conventional connotations with dahlias by surprising with triangular petals. This is a great summer perennial because of its vibrant, joyful, and spiky petals, which reach their full strength in July.

Petra’s Wedding

White Dahlia Flowers

Dahlia ‘Petra’s Wedding,’ a robust perennial from South America, reaches at 1-2 feet, thriving in full sun within zones 3-11. Well-known for its simplicity and low maintenance requirements, this white Dahlia type thrives in cooler climates despite its South American origins. Even in lower hardiness zones, novice gardeners can grow them as perennials with ease.

The blossoms, with their typical tubular shape, elegantly form concentric circles, creating a simple and lovely appearance. Highly sought after for wedding arrangements and dinner bouquets, ‘Petra’s Wedding’ offers a tidy and striking addition to front yards or flower gardens, presenting a flawless and cultivated aesthetic.

Ruskin Bride

White Dahlia Flowers

The evergreen dahlia ‘Ruskin Bride,’ native to the United Kingdom, grows to a height of one to three feet and thrives in full sun in zones 2 through 11. Known for its eye-catching beauty, this semi-cactus Dahlia has hardy petals that thrive in hot, dry conditions.

The lime green core of the blossom quickly turns rich white, making it a focal point in any garden. White Dahlias are sometimes worried about blending in, but ‘Ruskin Bride’ stands out from the crowd because of its striking white petals, which draw attention and serve as a focal point in an otherwise colorful landscape.

Small World

White Dahlia Flowers

Dahlia ‘Small World,’ often known as Mini PomPom Dahlias, is an adorable perennial coming from Mexico and Central America. These 1- to 1.5-foot-tall dahlias do well in zones 8–12 in both full sun and partial shade. Their flowers are not merely bulbous; they bloom all around the center, even covering the top of the stem, giving them the appearance of perfect spheres.

Planting an abundance of these white Dahlias will turn your yard into a charming and enchanted fairy garden as they grow tall and round. ‘Small World’ is a beloved bouquet and wedding theme because of its charming and lovely appearance.

Sweet Nathalie

White Dahlia Flowers

The perennial jewel Dahlia ‘Sweet Nathalie,’ from Spain, grows to a height of 2-3 feet and thrives in zones 8–11. This cultivar, which embraces a delicate and soothing aesthetic, begins with white blooms that progressively turn blush pink. Though they aren’t completely white, these dahlias are nonetheless attractive to people who want delicate, light-colored flowers.

The dynamic development of ‘Sweet Nathalie’ over time is what makes it so fascinating. Initially, it exhibits the characteristic Dahlia fashion with closely nested white petals. Its petals spread out and a light pink hue appears as it blooms more, giving rise to a more raggedy yet charming flower that many gardeners adore having in their yard.

Boom Boom White

White Dahlia Flowers

Known scientifically as Dahlia ‘Boom Boom White,’ this evergreen beauty is native to Mexico and is very graceful in full sun. Standing three feet tall, it is a global adaptable plant that grows well in plant zones three through ten. Larger than a hand, the eye-catching flowers create a dramatic impression when planted outside residences.

Its flawless symmetry and medium cup-shaped petals add to its bucolic attractiveness, which is frequently compared to finely created objects. “Boom Boom White” dahlias are loved all over the world and grow in a variety of climes.

Café au Lait

White Dahlia Flowers

Dahlia lovers are enthralled with the unusual blossoms of Café au Lait, a rare Dahlia cultivar. This native of North America grows to a height of one to two feet and thrives in zones 1 through 5, where it prefers full sun exposure. It is renowned for its timeless beauty and lengthy flowering season, and once planted, it is hardy and simple to grow.

As opposed to other white kinds, Café au Lait has subtle white borders encircling a blushing center that ranges in color from extremely light pink to a gentle beige.

White Perfection

White Dahlia Flowers

Holland is the source of the perennial beauty Dahlia ‘White Perfection,’ which grows to a height of 8 to 10 inches and thrives in zones 8 through 12. This type is similar to fleurels, but it stands out thanks to its bigger, nearly three-fold larger petals. The bigger petals of ‘White Perfection’ compete for space around the bud, giving it a slightly more unkempt appearance despite its name.

Unlike other types where the petals stay securely packed together, these petals open up more, giving them a distinct appeal. “White Perfection” Dahlias are low maintenance plants that can tolerate partial shade and minor frost resistance as long as they get regular watering and sunshine.

Wyn’s Farmer John

White Dahlia Flowers

John, Dahlia “Wyn’s Farmer,” a unique American perennial that grows at a height of 4-4.5 feet and thrives in zones 1–12 in full sun to full shade (annual in zones 1-6). This variation embraces a haphazard, untidy appearance in both petals and blooms, departing from the rigid precision of other Dahlia types.

The centers of each petal are golden and fade into crispy white. Some compare the look to Lotus Flowers or Carnations because the flower layers are more vertically aligned. For gardeners looking for a naturally flawed yet stunningly attractive garden aesthetic, Wyn’s Farmer John dahlias are a fantastic option.

Crazy Love

White Dahlia Flowers

The perennial dahlia ‘Crazy Love,’ native to Mexico, grows at a height of 2 to 2.5 feet and thrives in zones 8 through 10. Its beautiful blossoms have thin, silky petals that are purple and white in color. These petals, in contrast to other kinds, change from cream to a soft lavender edge.

Their fanciful moniker is justified by their fascinating purple margins, which add to their beauty despite their more restrained nature. Similar to delicate love, they require both shade and sun, and they detest temperatures below 70ºF. They also prefer a balanced environment.


White Dahlia Flowers

The stunning dahlia ‘Eveline,’ a perennial native to New Zealand, is 3–4 feet tall and thrives in zones 8–10 in full sun. True to its name, this cultivar produces flowers that look like perfect balls. They have a whimsical, airy beauty that many gardeners find endearing.

The magnificent tubular petals not only give volume and flare to your luxuriant garden but also stand gracefully on their own, making them a great choice for the front of a house or line a picturesque walkway.

Fiona Stewart

White Dahlia Flowers

The perennial jewel Dahlia ‘Fiona Stewart,’ from the United Kingdom, grows to a majestic height of 4-6 feet and thrives in zones 9-11 in full sun. Fiona Stewart Dahlias are well-known for their elegant and symmetrical nature. They have cup-shaped petals that balance perfectly, which makes them a favorite option for floral arrangements and weddings.

The thin, paper-thin petals of the delicate blossoms are light and puffy, showing a rare purity with extremely faint hues (pink, orange, or green) in the center and white margins. The two-tone petals offer a peaceful aesthetic, adding a touch of color to the garden’s serene ambiance.


White Dahlia Flowers

Dahlia ‘Fleurel,’ a perennial beauty from Mexico, stands at 3-4 feet, thriving in full sun and light shade within zones 3-7. This stunning variety embodies the quintessential white Dahlia, featuring delicate, closely layered, cup-shaped petals. The pale white edges gracefully contrast with the richer cream center, creating a subtle yet beautiful interplay.

The enormous blooms, which are bigger than some heads, are a real show-stopper and provide any garden an amazing wow effect. The presence and sheer beauty of ‘Fleurel’ in full bloom captivates visitors.

Trelyn Kiwi

White Dahlia Flowers

The 3 foot-tall Dahlia ‘Trelyn Kiwi,’ a perennial that resembles a cactus native to the United Kingdom, grows best in full sun in zones 7–11. The distinctive petal structure of these dahlias, which resembles spikes and is white with a little pink tint, makes them stand out. A favorite of many gardeners, ‘Trelyn Kiwi’ thrives in full sun and well-drained soil.

But it’s important to remember that these flowers are poisonous to cats and dogs, so pet-friendly gardens should take extra caution when using them. Despite this warning, ‘Trelyn Kiwi’s’ stunning and unique form lends a bit of charm to any garden setting.

Tsuki Yori No Shisha

White Dahlia Flowers

The perennial dahlia ‘Tsuki Yori No Shisha,’ which is native to Japan, grows to a height of one to one and a half feet. It thrives in zones 8 through 11. Distinctive from traditional Dahlia cultivars, this blossom features straggling, tentacle-like petals that, despite their unconventionality, have a mesmerizing charm. Depending on growing conditions, the center may be blazing orange or subdued green, with the crisp white petals creating a stunning contrast.

‘Tsuki Yori No Shisha’ is a highly regarded and fascinating choice for gardeners looking for a flower that deviates from the standard and is sure to draw in admirers and curiosity from friends and neighbors.


White Dahlia Flowers

The stunning dahlia ‘Verda,’ a perennial native to the United States, grows to a height of 3–4 feet and thrives in zones 8–11. ‘Verda’, so named because of its slight green center, is prized for its airy and vibrant appearance, which makes it a perfect option for bringing life to gloomy or boring gardens.

The blossom’s long, thin, triangle-shaped petals give it a distinctive look, and their thickness creates lovely volume that fills in any barren areas. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, “Verda” is also very easy to cultivate, doing well practically anywhere in the United States that receives enough sunlight.

Waterlily White Onesta

White Dahlia Flowers

The stunning annual Dahlia ‘White Onesta,’ native to North America, reaches a height of 3 feet and thrives in zones 3-11 when exposed to full sun. White Waterlily Dahlias are very striking because of their bright pink centers, which offer a delightful contrast that livens up even the drabbest flower garden.

The large, wide petals of the ‘White Onesta’ blossom, in contrast to the short, precisely aligned Dahlia petals, produce a more striking impression in any area. Even among a sea of other flowers, these dahlias make a bold impression that makes them difficult to miss. As long as they get enough sunlight, they can survive in a variety of zones and situations.

White Aster

White Dahlia Flowers

The evergreen Dahlia ‘White Aster,’ native to Guatemala and Mexico, reaches a height of 5 to 7 feet and thrives in zones 8 through 10. These bulbous blossoms are a distinctive addition to any garden because of their amazing geometric design, which almost seems unnatural. ‘White Aster’ has the allure of enthralling history as the earliest surviving variety of dahlia in existence.

Reminiscent of fluffy, white pom-poms, these Dahlias are well-liked for their full, lush appearance and are frequently used in bridal bouquets. Their attractiveness is enhanced by the creamy white petals that have subtle pastel green undertones inside each petal. ‘White Aster’ Dahlias thrive in warm climates with plenty of sunshine and are relatively little maintenance.

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