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25 Types of White Peonies with Pictures

The white peony epitomizes elegance, adorning wedding bouquets and tables globally. Choosing from the myriad varieties can be challenging, with nuances like a hint of pink, buttery centers, or surprising pops of color. Our guide simplifies your decision, presenting 25 timeless white peonies, each with a rich history—some enduring for over a century—to inspire your garden selection.

Different types of White Peonies

Charles White Peony

White Peonies

The Charles White Peony is a herbaceous perennial native to the United States. Its scientific name is Paeonia lactiflora. Standing only two to three feet tall, this peony grows well in plant zones 2 through 9, enjoying full sun to partial shade. Its magnificent double blossoms, which have tiny creamy yellow inner petals and globular, incurved white petals with a hint of yellow, appear in late April. These peonies are well-known in the floral industry and grow well in long-term plantings; they can live up to seventy years. If relocation becomes necessary, think about relocating them in the fall.

Cheddar Charm Peony

White Peonies

Known by its formal name Paeonia lactiflora, the Cheddar Charm Peony is a unique herbaceous perennial native to the United States. It grows to a modest 2-3 foot height and can tolerate plant zones 3-8 in full sun to moderate shade. If you’re looking for a white peony with a fun twist, the Cheddar Charm is the way to go. This peony gives bouquets a special beauty because of its captivating golden core buds among the white blossoms, which gave rise to its name. It is a great addition to border lining or embellishing flower beds, attracting butterflies in addition to pleasing the eye with its fragrant blossoms.

Class Act Peony

White Peonies

The Class Act Peony, scientifically known as Paeonia lactiflora, is a distinguished herbaceous perennial originating from the United States. Standing at 2-3 feet tall, it thrives in full sun to partial shade within plant zones 3-8. Renowned for flawlessly shaped soft cream-colored petals with a high crown, this peony undergoes a transformation from a beige bud with a red line. These rose-like beauties, suitable for growers selling cut flowers, demand meticulous care, and experience underscores the importance of precise timing for the bulbs to unfurl into their exquisite blooms.

Duchesse de Nemours Peony

White Peonies

The Duchesse de Nemours Peony, or Paeonia lactiflora as it is officially named, is a perennial herbaceous plant with French roots. Standing only two to three feet tall, this peony is one of the oldest cultivars, having been around for more than 150 years. The fragrant creamy white petals form a crown-shaped bloom with a faint tinge of yellow. When cut correctly, the blooms endure for over a week in a vase, making them ideal for cut arrangements.

Elsa Sass Peony

White Peonies

Paeonia lactiflora, the scientific name for the Elsa Sass, is a herbaceous perennial native to the United States. This peony, which grows to a modest size of 2-3 feet, is a great option for late spring to early summer flowers because it thrives in plant zones 3-8 in full sun to light shade. Its velvety-white double flowers curl inward, almost hiding golden stamens, giving it a rose-like appearance. Elsa Sass is a flexible and adaptable plant that looks well alone or enhancing borders, city gardens, and flower beds. It does not like to compete with trees and shrubs, but it looks great with roses and other perennials.

Feng Dan Bai Peony

White Peonies

The Feng Dan Bai Peony, scientifically identified as Paeonia ostii, is a perennial shrub celebrated for its historical roots in China. With a stature of 4-5 feet, this tree peony thrives in full sun to partial shade within plant zones 4a-8b. Boasting timeless beauty and coveted medicinal qualities, the white and pink Feng Dan Bai stands among the oldest Chinese cultivars. These resilient plants exhibit rapid growth and adaptability to various soils and climates. Flowering early, they offer the advantage of early planting, making them an appealing choice for those seeking both aesthetic appeal and medicinal value.

Honey Gold Peony

White Peonies

The Honey Gold Peony, scientifically named Paeonia lactiflora, boasts white guard petals enveloping a central cluster of yellow petaloids. Bicolor flower enthusiasts appreciate the cup-like formation created by the guard petals. Thriving as a midseason bloomer, this herbaceous perennial reaches a height of 2-3 feet, supported by sturdy stems that endure windy and rainy conditions. While admired for its beauty, caution is advised if you have pets, as the plant is toxic to them. Exercise care to prevent any unwanted interactions, especially if your cat displays interest in these captivating blooms.

Krinkled White Peony

White Peonies

The Krinkled White Peony, scientifically identified as Paeonia lactiflora, showcases a unique profusion of several closely grouped buds, resulting in a stunning abundance of blossoms. These midseason flowers, reaching a height of 2-3 feet, unfold with delicately fragrant, paper-like white petals encircling golden stamens. Their flexible stems typically stand strong without requiring additional support. Ideal for vase arrangements, Krinkled White peonies bring a touch of elegance to floral displays. Planted as midseason bloomers for the end of spring, these peonies promise a profusion of blooms, enhancing the beauty of any garden with their clustered, abundant flowers.

Miss America Peony

White Peonies

Miss America Peony, scientifically known as Paeonia lactiflora, stands as a multiple award-winning herbaceous perennial originating from the United States. With a modest height of 2-3 feet, this peony graces gardens with highly fragrant flowers resembling a snowy white fairytale. Unfurling from pink buds, the petals reveal enchanting yellow stamens at their core. To ensure proper drainage, plant Miss America in soils with components like loam, sand, clay, or chalk. These captivating peonies make splendid choices for border flowers, but it’s crucial to be mindful of their toxicity to pets.

Moon over Barrington Peony

White Peonies

Moon over Barrington Peony, scientifically labeled Paeonia lactiflora, graces gardens with its large, white, rose-type flowers. This herbaceous perennial, standing at 2-3 feet, boasts a robust structure to support its sizable blooms, emitting a noticeable and pleasant fragrance. Expect the blossoms to enchant in early midseason, adding a touch of elegance to your garden. To ensure the health of these peonies, provide a bright location with ample airflow to prevent diseases. Additionally, ensure well-draining soil to promote optimal growth and the flourishing beauty of Moon over Barrington’s exquisite flowers.

Shirley Temple Peony

White Peonies

The Shirley Temple Peony, scientifically designated as Paeonia lactiflora, holds an intriguing mystery surrounding its origins, yet it bears the name of the famous child movie star. Standing at 2-3 feet, this herbaceous perennial displays large 8-inch flowers that transition from a light rose color to white as they age. The closely packed buds create a profusion of blossoms in midseason. With robust stems supporting the sizable flowers, Shirley Temple Peonies can withstand windy and rainy conditions without issue, adding a touch of elegance to gardens with their captivating blooms.

White Emperor Peony

White Peonies

White Emperor Peony, scientifically labeled Paeonia ‘White Emperor,’ is an Intersectional (Itoh) Hybrid Perennial originating from the United States. The “Itoh” designation pays homage to the Japanese creator of the Intersectional Hybrid. Featuring white flowers with purple flares encircling a yellow center, White Emperor brings a unique charm to gardens. Thriving at 2-3 feet, these long-lived perennials prefer bright locations, well-draining soil, and good airflow for optimal health. When planting, ensure a deep hole of around 12 inches to provide the necessary conditions for their longevity and flourishing beauty in plant zones 4-9.

White Innocence Peony

White Peonies

White Innocence Peony, scientifically identified as Paeonia ‘White Innocence,’ stands as a striking herbaceous perennial originating from the United States. Taller than most peonies, reaching 3-5 feet, it boasts a unique color scheme. The outer petals are white, while the centers exhibit a blend of yellow and shades of green. With their impressive height, White Innocence flowers make an ideal choice for tall vases or non-border areas in flower beds. Pairing well with other cool colors, these peonies eliminate the need for staking, adding an elegant touch to any garden in plant zones 2a-8b.

Zhong Chuan Huang Peony

White Peonies

Zhong Chuan Huang Peony (Paeonia × suffruticosa), known for its woody perennial nature, originates from China. Standing at 4-6 feet, this unique peony, renowned in China, has recently gained recognition in the U.S. Its distinctive wavy white petals are adorned with dark maroon flares and greenish cream stigmas. Being woody, these peonies withstand winter conditions well, requiring minimal care even when left alone in open fields during cold months. Recognized for their landscaping qualities, Paeonia × suffruticosa brings a touch of elegance and resilience to gardens in plant zones 3-8.

Athena Peony

White Peonies

Athena Peony, scientifically named Paeonia ‘Athena,’ is a captivating herbaceous hybrid originating from the United States. Blooming in early spring, its creamy white petals form a cup with raspberry flares on the inside, complemented by a cluster of yellow stamens in an anemone-like shape at the center. These low-maintenance plants have average water needs, with flowers gracing the garden for about 7-10 days. The attractive foliage persists until the first frost, but some shelter from wind and staking may be needed to prevent flower sagging due to rain in plant zones 3-8.

Bowl of Cream Peony

White Peonies

The Bowl of Cream Peony, scientifically known as Paeonia lactiflora, is a standout herbaceous perennial originating from the United States. Renowned for its award-winning status, this peony is an excellent choice when you desire a cluster of white flowers to complement your garden’s color scheme. The creamy-white double blossoms, measuring up to 12 inches across, exhibit rose-like folds that almost conceal the yellow stamens at the center. It’s important to note that these plants flower in their second year, not the first. Planting in early fall allows them to establish before winter. Keep in mind that Bowl of Cream Peonies is toxic to pets.

Festiva Maxima Peony

White Peonies

The Festiva Maxima Peony, scientifically known as Paeonia lactiflora, carries a rich history spanning 150 years, instilling pride in gardeners who showcase its timeless beauty. With double flowers and frilly petals adorned with drops of crimson, Festiva Maxima stands out as a great choice. Ideal for late spring to early summer blooms, it thrives in full sun to partial shade within plant zones 3-8. This peony, with its compact nature, proves suitable for pots or containers, making it a versatile and visually appealing addition to any garden.

Gardenia Peony

White Peonies

The Gardenia Peony, scientifically designated as Paeonia lactiflora, emerges as a splendid herbaceous perennial originating from the United States. Standing at a modest height of 2-3 feet, this peony offers a unique touch to gardens by introducing variable flower sizes. With impressive blooms measuring 8-10 inches, the Gardenia Peony showcases pink buds that unfurl into creamy white petals and golden stamens. A perfect choice for late spring to early summer flowers, it features robust stems that withstand wind and rain, ensuring the longevity and resilience of its large and captivating blossoms.

Green Halo Peony

White Peonies

With its deceiving appearance, the Green Halo Peony, formally known as Paeonia lactiflora, provides a hint of mystery. At first glance, the green guard petals encircling the white blossoms may make them appear green, therefore the appropriate name “Halo.” Reaching heights of two to three feet, this herbaceous perennial thrives in plant zones three through eight in full sun to light shade. The Green Halo is a fantastic option for midseason bloomers, which are those that bloom from late spring to early summer. It also looks great as a border for gardens, exhibiting its distinct visual appeal and deceiving onlookers.

Bridal Shower Peony

White Peonies

When seeking exquisite white flowers for your garden, the Bridal Shower Peony (Paeonia lactiflora) offers a fragrant and enchanting option. This herbaceous perennial, with a height of 2-3 feet, showcases double blossoms that are predominantly white, occasionally tinged with a subtle yellow hue towards the tips. Ideal for well-drained soils like chalk, clay, loam, or sand, these peonies resist deer and rabbits while attracting butterflies to enhance the garden’s allure. With adaptability to both full sun and partial shade, Bridal Shower Peonies promise a delightful and versatile addition to your outdoor space in plant zones 3-8.

Bride’s Dream Peony

White Peonies

Bride’s Dream Peony (Paeonia lactiflora) truly lives up to its name, presenting delicate beauty with large white guard petals forming a graceful bowl around wispy yellow petaloids. Standing at 2-3 feet, its sturdy stalks withstand windy conditions, thriving in full sun to partial shade within plant zones 3-8. Whether along borders, in beds, or vases, these peonies exhibit enduring charm. Blooming in spring, they boast a pleasant fragrance attracting butterflies, while their resilience deters deer and rabbits. Optimal growth is ensured with well-draining soil featuring loam, clay, sand, or chalk components.

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