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21 Types of Pink Daffodils for Your Garden with Pictures

Amidst the countless wonders of nature, the diversity of flora never ceases to fascinate. Amid this kaleidoscopic botanical beauty, one variety stands out in particular – the pink daffodil. While daffodils are typically known for their bright yellow color, the appearance of pink daffodils adds a unique touch to this classic flower.

Indeed, in the field of pink daffodils, many varieties exist, each with its own characteristics and attractiveness. From delicate pastels to vivid magenta tones, the world of pink-yellow daffodils reveals a tapestry of colors, shapes, and sizes that inspire awe and enchantment.

Let’s embark on a journey through this enchanting kingdom of beautiful flowers, discovering the diverse varieties of pink daffodils that adorn gardens and landscapes with their unparalleled beauty.

Different Types of Pink Daffodils

Pink Performance daffodil

Pink Daffodils

The mesmerizing appeal of the Pink Performance Daffodil is its effortless blossoming double center and dazzling dual colors. A beautiful display of layers of white petals framed with vivid lemon yellow frills and tinged with deep salmon pink is produced.

Distinctive blue-green stems and a bi-color double center set it apart from other daffodils, allowing blooms to reach a height of 16–18 inches. This variety of daffodils blooms in mid-spring, demonstrating the best of nature’s artistic abilities and bringing pleasant color to the landscape.

Fire Drill daffodil

Pink Daffodils

The Fire Drill Daffodil has a distinct appeal and is loved for its fluffy pink and white appearance. This daffodil has delicate ruffles at its heart that mimic a carnation in bloom, yet its outside petals have a timeless grace. A stunning show is created by layers of ruffled rosettes that change from delicate hues to hot pinks.

These daffodils, which bloom in mid-spring, are 16–18 inches tall and have 4 inch-wide blooms on average. They are resistant to the sun and retain their brilliant colors all year long, illuminating the garden with their beauty.

Extravaganza daffodils

Pink Daffodils

Extravaganza Daffodils are distinguished by their gorgeous petal arrangement and unique pink hue. Their distinctively shaped blooms feature a dramatic contrast between the tiny white outer petals and the frilly interior cup. These striking blossoms, which range in color from salmon to pink, give a touch of elegance to any landscape. Extravaganzas are a beautiful and charming plant that blooms in the middle of spring and grows to a height of about a foot and a half.

Delnashaugh daffodil

Pink Daffodils

With its wonderful peachy pink color and ruffled double center, Delnashaugh Daffodils have an alluring charm that contrasts beautifully with their bright white outer petals. These graceful blooms, which are produced from 12–14 centimeter bulbs, usually reach a height of 20 inches.

They bring long-lasting joy to any garden, blooming in the middle of April and lasting longer than many other daffodil kinds. Delnashaugh daffodils are a beautiful addition to any landscape. They grow well in both full sun and partial shade and are well suited for hardiness zones 3–8.

Accent daffodil

Pink Daffodils

The Accent Daffodil is a focal point due to its enormous, frilly cup-shaped funnel design and beautiful salmon pink paint job. Its blossoms, which have an average diameter of 4 inches and bloom from mid- to late spring, provide any garden with a vivid pop of color.

These medium-sized daffodils, which grow to a height of slightly over a foot, are hardy and adapt well to different environments. The Accent Daffodil is a versatile plant that thrives in a variety of temperatures and is well-suited for hardiness zones 3–8.

Bell Song daffodil

Pink Daffodils

The Bell Song Daffodil, with its tiny corona tucked between pearly white petals, is the embodiment of classic elegance. These daffodils radiate subtle beauty with their light peachy flush in the center and their delicate ruffle at the rim.

Their average bulb size is about 12 cm, and they grow to a modest 16 inches in height. The Bell Song variety, which blooms in late spring, brightens gardens with its blooms long after those of most other daffodils have gone.

Shrike daffodil

Pink Daffodils

One of the newest entrants to the pink daffodil family, the Shrike Daffodil distinguishes out thanks to its unique petal structure. Its central feature is a cluster of tiny trumpets joined by a yellow hub, forming the shape of a windmill.

Bright pink tones give way to coral frills, forming a fascinating circle inside the rounded white petals. These 4-inch flowers bloom from early to mid-spring and last for around 15 days. Shrike daffodils, which grow up to 14 to 16 inches tall, bring a striking feature to your living space.

Mon Cherie daffodil

Pink Daffodils

The exquisite pastel color of the Mon Cherie Daffodil, a blend of pink and orange that becomes softer toward the cup’s base, captivates. Its delicate stems, standing slightly over 12 inches tall, elegantly hold the blooms.

These daffodils, which reveal blossoms about 5 inches wide in mid-spring. Mon Cherie daffodils add a touch of elegance and beauty to their surroundings with their endearing appearance and delicate coloration.

Romance daffodil

Pink Daffodils

The pure white star-shaped petals of the Romance Daffodil, each measuring 4 inches in width and around a large cup center, radiate a timeless grace. Its corona, which blooms in mid- to late-spring, starts off rich apricot and eventually turns rose pink. The Romance Daffodil is an elegant 18-inch tall flower with a timeless charm and subdued color change.

Pink Radiance daffodil

Pink Daffodils

The 4-inch blooms of the Pink Radiance Daffodil are embellished with an eye-catching double center. Vibrant pink ruffles accentuate the white petals, creating a dramatic contrast. These daffodils add beauty to gardens from mid- to late-spring, with average-height stems. Pink Radiance Daffodils are renowned for their extended blooming season, which lasts for about 15 days.

Night Life daffodil

Pink Daffodils

The Night Life Daffodil has spherical, creamy white petals that are about 4 inches around, encircling a light pink trumpet with wide, ruffled borders. This cultivar, which can reach heights of up to two feet and blooms in the middle of spring, makes a dramatic impression in any garden.

The Night Life Daffodil lends a touch of refinement and beauty to the garden scene at night with its graceful stature and exquisite blossoms.

Apricot Whirl daffodil

Pink Daffodils

The Apricot Whirl Daffodil is a gorgeous pink cultivar with big pink split-cup flowers. Garden displays are given a distinct charm by its exquisite and frivolous cup. The blooms on this species can reach up to 4 inches in diameter, making a compelling focal point, even at its modest 12 inch height.

The Apricot Whirl Daffodil is a gracefully beautiful plant with striking blossoms that will captivate garden aficionados with its vivid appearance.

Sunny Girlfriend daffodil

Pink Daffodils

With a deeply ruffled center and a unique pink Narcissus form, the Sunny Girlfriend Daffodil exudes a new kind of charm. It has a very unusual trumpet shape due to its unusual split cup, which displays extraordinary frilliness.

This daffodil type brings a vivid pop of color to any garden with its eye-catching grapefruit-pink color that is slightly tinted with yellow. The Sunny Girlfriend Daffodil is sure to win many fans with its sunny demeanor and stunning beauty and creative flower structure.

Pink Charm daffodil

Pink Daffodils

The remarkable qualities of the Pink Charm Daffodil set it apart from its counterparts. Its huge, 4-inch-wide blooms feature a coral-colored cup with subtle pink and orange hue blending against a background of pure white petals.

These daffodils have bulbs that are about 14 centimeters in diameter, and they can produce blossoms that are at least a foot and a half tall. The Pink Charm Daffodil, with its unmatched beauty and grace, captivates gardeners and onlookers alike with its early to mid-spring bloom.

Replete daffodil

Pink Daffodils

The exquisite double-petaled Replete Daffodil has frilly centers and a striking rose pink color. Its layers of flawless pink are strikingly contrasted with its snow-white petals, making for an enchanting spectacle. These lovely beauties are a sight in early to mid-spring gardens, providing fragrant 4-inch flowers on robust 18–20-inch stalks.

Replete Daffodils are a sight to behold. Growing from bulbs that are between 14 and 16 centimeters in diameter, they bring beauty and appeal to any landscape.

Pink Parasol daffodil

Pink Daffodils

Gardeners can enjoy a beautiful blend of scent and simplicity of cultivation with the Pink Parasol Daffodil. These daffodils have a delicate beauty, with their softly rounded white outer petals highlighted by 3-inch trumpet cups in a gentle pink hue.

The neon green center eye and ruffled borders of the cups give them a special touch of attractiveness. These blooms, which are slightly over a foot tall, open in the middle of spring and release a sweet scent that fills the air. Pink Parasol Daffodils effortlessly bring elegance and grace to any garden space.

British Gamble daffodil

Pink Daffodils

The British Gamble Daffodil is a popular variety among lovers of pink daffodils. Its striking pink-edged trumpet flowers are 5–6 inches broad, which is an outstanding size. Its multicolored corona, which begins with a buttery golden tint around the eye, blends into white, and then changes to a coral pink hue surrounding a beautifully ruffled rim, adds to its attractiveness.

These traditional white star-shaped daffodils, which reach a height of around 18 inches when in bloom, bring elegance to your garden.

Chromacolor daffodil

Pink Daffodils

The Chromacolor Daffodil awes with its enormous size and vivid colors. Its large corona, which hardly lets the white petals show through, is its most noticeable characteristic. Its blooms measure five inches. With time, the vibrant pink hue that accentuates the coral borders takes on more depth and appeal.

Reaching up to 20 inches in height, these vibrant blossoms adorn the mid-spring landscape with their magnificence, demonstrating the creativity of nature and the delight it bestows upon all who witness it.

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