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20 Beautiful Types of Yellow Tulips for your Garden with Pictures

Add a splash of radiant joy to your garden with beautiful yellow tulips. These vibrant flowers are sure to infuse your outdoor space with a burst of sunshine and positivity. With their graceful, cup-shaped blooms and lively hues, making them a perfect addition to any garden. Imagine strolling through your garden and being greeted by the sight of these cheerful flowers, their petals gently swaying in the breeze.

The bright, cheerful color of yellow tulips can complement a variety of garden designs, adding a striking contrast to lush greenery or creating a vibrant focal point among other colorful blooms. Whether planted in clusters or scattered throughout your garden beds, these tulips are bound to create a stunning visual display that captures the essence of spring.

Yellow Tulips meaning?

Yellow tulips are often associated with cheerful thoughts and sunshine. They are commonly seen as a symbol of happiness, hope, and warmth. Yellow is a color that is often linked with joy, lightheartedness, and new beginnings. Consequently, yellow tulips are frequently given as a gesture of friendship or as a way to bring joy and optimism to someone’s day. They can also be used to convey feelings of pride or success. However, like all flowers, the meaning can vary depending on the context and the relationship between the giver and the recipient.

Different of Types of Yellow Tulips

1. Tulipa batalinii ‘Bright Gem’

Tulipa batalinii 'Bright Gem'

The bulb plant Tulipa batalinii ‘Bright Gem’ grows to a height of 4-6 inches and does best in full sun. At the conclusion of its cycle, ‘Bright Gem’, with its pear-shaped flowers and spherical petals in caramel, changes to apricot and orange hues. When left unmanaged, this botanical tulip has a wild disposition and can quickly spread. To create a natural focal point, use it around tree roots, on slopes, and in rocky locations. The stems are robust and the foliage has a gray-green color.

2. Tulipa ‘Fringed Elegance’

Tulipa 'Fringed Elegance'

Tulipa ‘Fringed Elegance’ is a bulb plant that thrives in full sun, reaching a height of 18-22 inches and suitable for hardiness zones 3 to 8. The petals of this Fringed group tulip display a blond color with delicate creamy highlights. Their frayed and crystalline edges create a delightful interplay with the sun. The foliage is dark green and oval-shaped. These beautiful blooms can last for up to 3 weeks, whether planted indoors or outdoors. For an added touch of cottage charm, consider planting ‘Fringed Elegance’ alongside creamy white daffodils.

3. Tulipa ‘Ice Cream Banana’

Tulipa 'Ice Cream Banana'

The tulipa ‘Ice Cream Banana’ is a bulb plant that can reach a height of 10 inches and prefers full sun. This Double Late cultivar has a lovely bi-color appearance and tastes like a delicious scoop of banana ice cream with raspberry sauce. Green sepals and red-tipped leaves contrast with the lemonade yellow blooms, which have a beautiful pink base. ‘Ice Cream Banana’ holds attention for a long time because of its long flowering period. For a visually arresting combination, pair this type with single-hued, complimentary blooms in delicate pink or white.

4. Tulipa ‘Secret Perfume’

Tulipa ‘Secret Perfume’


The bulb plant Tulipa “Secret Perfume” can reach a height of 14–16 inches and grows best in zones 3–8 of hardiness. The Double Early tulip, shaped like a peony, has fragile, papery blooms with layers of pale yellow petals with frosting tips. Notable for its seductive aroma, ‘Secret Perfume’ enthralls with its pleasant fragrance. This cultivar, though it grows modestly, lends an appealing touch to mixed borders, especially when combined with other soft-colored perennials that vary in height. It also adds a lovely scent and appeal to any bouquet of cut flowers.

5. Tulipa ‘Golden Charm’

Tulipa 'Golden Charm'

The bulb plant Tulipa ‘Golden Charm’ grows to a height of 3–4 inches and is appropriate for hardiness zones 3–8. It needs full light. In the spring garden, ‘Golden Charm’ is sometimes confused for a crocus due to its low, spreading height. This unusual bi-color tulip has stunning yellow anthers and pointed, star-shaped yellow petals surrounded by creamy white. The foliage naturally sprawls and is thin and mottled. This cultivar can quickly naturalize to produce the appearance of groundcover. It is best planted where there is plenty of room for it to expand, such as under trees or in uneven ground.

6. Tulipa ‘Sun Gold’

Tulipa 'Sun Gold'

Tulipa ‘Sun Gold’ is a bulb plant that grows to a height of 18 to 24 inches and does well in full sun. This tulip variety, which falls under the Triumph group, has thick, extended stems and egg-shaped blooms that give it a timeless beauty. The sunlit yellow color of the oval petals stands out strikingly against the neatly striped burgundy foliage and olive green stems. Consider planting ‘Sun Gold’ next to white snowdrop or crocus bulbs for a gentle and lovely scene. Alternatively, combine it with grape hyacinth to make a striking and energizing color combination.

7. Tulipa ‘Monte Carlo’

Tulipa 'Monte Carlo'

The bulb plant Tulipa ‘Monte Carlo’ grows to a height of 8 to 12 inches, is suited for hardiness zones 3 to 8, and does best in full sun. This happy Double Early tulip displays big, peony-shaped, lemon-yellow blooms with tightly packed, slightly scalloped petals. The leaves have a vivid green color and are small and delicate in size. Because of its mild and pleasant scent, “Monte Carlo” is a popular plant to put next to entrances and along walkways. Its wonderful aroma can also be enjoyed indoors by forcing it into early bloom or incorporating it into a cutting garden.

8. Tulipa ‘Yellow Margarita’

Tulipa 'Yellow Margarita'

Hardiness zones 3 through 8 are appropriate for the 14–16-inch-tall bulb plant Tulipa ‘Yellow Margarita,’ which needs full light. Thick, peony-like blooms, about 3 inches in width, adorn this Double Early tulip. Its canary yellow petals are fringed, closely packed, and have scalloped edges with red and green feathering, which gives the bicolor effect an appealing appearance. The foliage doesn’t become very tall, but the sturdy stems can hold the weight of the flowers, even when it’s windy outside. Consider heavily packing ‘Yellow Margarita’ bulbs in a container or tiny pot for your front porch to provide a hint of tropical flair. As an alternative, place them front and center in a mixed spring border, or display them brightly.

9. Tulipa ‘Big Smile’

Tulipa 'Big Smile'

Tulipa ‘Big Smile’ is a 24-26-inch-tall bulb plant that grows well in full light and is appropriate for hardiness zones 3–8. This Single Late tulip exudes beauty in late April or early May with its simple, graceful, egg-shaped blossoms that are the hue of egg yolks. The unusually long stems, which are around two feet long, waver softly in the wind without breaking. The velvety bed of slender olive green leaves perfectly balances the stunning blossoms. Group these cultivars together to create a cheery mass of yellow.

10. Tulipa ‘Altaica’

Tulipa 'Altaica'

Tulipa ‘Altaica’ is a bulb plant that grows 6–10 inches tall and thrives in full light. It is appropriate for zones 3–8 hardiness. Reminiscent of a crocus or snowdrop, this low-profile spring blooming has lemon-yellow, star-shaped flowers with reflexive, pointed petals. It has drooping, thin, scalloped leaves. Part of the Miscellaneous tulip class, ‘Altaica’ comes from the wild tulips of central Asia. Plant it to add naturalization or as a filler under more towering spring bloomers.

11. Tulipa ‘West Point’

Tulipa 'West Point'

The bulb plant Tulipa ‘West Point’ grows 16–22 inches tall and is suited for hardiness zones 3–8. It needs full light. Its remarkable appearance is created by the pointed, butter-yellow petals on its goblet-shaped, lily-flowered form gently twisting and turning outward. A big bright green anther highlights the center of each blossom. This variety is a magnificent complement to any environment. Employ ‘West Point’ at the center of a mixed border or combine them in an urn close to the rear entrance. Even in strong winds, the tough stems bend but do not break.

12. Tulipa ‘Kolpakowskiana’

Tulipa 'Kolpakowskiana'

The bulb plant Tulipa ‘Kolpakowskiana’ grows 6 to 8 inches tall, thrives in full light, and is appropriate for hardiness zones 3 to 8. Enjoyed for centuries, this heirloom species has bicolored foliage that varies from dark green to burgundy and a tapering, lily-like shape. ‘Kolpakowskiana’ produces a charming candle-flame impression with its pale yellow petals that are subtly touched with reddish-pink. For a beautiful juxtaposition, plant this compact tulip in front of a mixed border or next to classic red tulip cultivars.

13. Tulipa ‘Verona’

Tulipa 'Verona'

The bulb plant Tulipa ‘Verona’ grows to a height of 10 to 16 inches, thrives in full light, and is appropriate for hardiness zones 3 to 8. Its buttercream-yellow, silky flowers have beautifully feathered outer petals with touches of subtle red and green, giving them a lovely rose-like appearance. The base color becomes more mature toward white as the season goes on. “Verona” looks great in the garden with blush pinks and periwinkle blues. It also has a very aromatic character, which makes it an excellent addition to your landscape’s cutting garden or close to regions that receive a lot of traffic.

14. Tulipa ‘Antoinette’

Tulipa 'Antoinette'

The bulb plant Tulipa ‘Antoinette’ grows 16–20 inches tall, thrives in full light, and is appropriate for hardiness zones 3–8. With three to four flowers per stem, this attractive Single Late tulip stands out from the others. When fully opened, the tiny, egg-shaped flowers display a lovely combination of classic yellow and raspberry pink lemonade colors. The white-streaked, thin variegated leaves of this cultivar adds to its vibrant, multicolored flair. Plant ‘Antoinette’ in clusters to give the garden a bouquet-like appearance.

15. Tulipa ‘Monsella’

Tulipa 'Monsella'

The 8–12-inch-tall Tulipa ‘Monsella’ bulb plant grows best in full light and is appropriate for hardiness zones 3–8. Its 4-inch double flowers have a sweet, pleasant scent. The flowers are mostly canary yellow with brilliant scarlet streaks. The sturdy stems sustain three blooms each, defying the conventional tulip standard of just one bloom during bad weather. Make sure ‘Monsella’ is planted in a soil that drains properly and gets lots of sunlight. The flowers are long-lasting either planted in the ground or when included in a cut arrangement.

16. Tulipa ‘Moonlight Girl’

Tulipa 'Moonlight Girl'

Tulipa ‘Moonlight Girl’ is a full-sun bulb plant that grows to a height of 16–20 inches and is appropriate for zones 3–8 hardiness. This tulip with lily-flowered petals has delicately shaped hourglass-shaped blooms that bend outward. Its petals have creamy off-white midribs that contrast with a gentle buttercup yellow at the base and edges. For a charming, traditional spring garden, combine ‘Moonlight Girl’ with violets and pastel lilacs. This variety’s nature makes it perfect for yearly plantings because it might not come back after the first year. If you would like have a different flower arrangement every year or in areas where bulbs might not experience a real dormant season, think about utilizing it.

17. Tulipa ‘Tarda’

Tulipa 'Tarda'

Hardiness zones 3 through 8 are appropriate for the 4-6 inch-tall tulipa ‘Tarda’ bulb plant, which grows best in full light. This unusual variety has star-shaped flowers with yolk-yellow centers and pointed, true-white points that resemble recently broken eggs. Its dense leaves produces a carpet-like look that makes spreading effortless, even with its small flowers and short stature. Especially, after flowering, attractive seed pods stay on the stems for a long time, so unlike many other tulip kinds, ‘Tarda’ doesn’t need to be covered up or removed.

18. Tulipa ‘Sylvestris’

Tulipa 'Sylvestris'

The 8–12-inch-tall Tulipa ‘Sylvestris’ bulb plant grows best in full light and is appropriate for hardiness zones 3–8. ‘Sylvestris’ looks like a slender, golden lightbulb with hues of green and burgundy before it blooms. The fanciful burgundy-green stalks are arranged in different ways; some are straight to hold the blossoms in place, while others bend to produce a tasteful drooping look. The lily-shaped flowers have pointed petals that gently curl back at the tips when they are fully open. This variety, which is well-known for spreading easily, captures the allure of a woodland wildflower.

19. Tulipa ‘Hocus Pocus’

Tulipa 'Hocus Pocus'

The bulb plant Tulipa ‘Hocus Pocus’ grows 24–30 inches tall and is suitable for hardiness zones 3–8. It thrives in full sun. This Single Late tulip has enormous, cup-shaped flowers that can get up to 6 inches diameter. Its vivid scarlet and pink flames cover its pineapple-yellow petals, giving it a mystical atmosphere akin to that of a magician’s wand. Strong winds are not a problem for the thick, durable stems, even at this significant height. Consider growing ‘Hocus Pocus’ in a large cluster or next to other dark purple plants, such grape hyacinth, for a visually arresting effect.

20. Tulipa ‘Secret Perfume’

Tulipa 'Secret Perfume'

The tulipa ‘Secret Perfume’ is a full-sun bulb plant that grows to a height of 14–16 inches and is appropriate for zones 3–8 hardiness. This peony-form Double Early tulip has fragile, papery blooms with layers of pale yellow petals with buttercream tips. Well known for its heady fragrance, ‘Secret Perfume’ looks great in mixed borders with other muted perennials of different heights. It also adds a delightful scent to your bouquet of cut flowers.


In this article, we have explored a range of beautiful types of yellow tulips, each possessing its own unique and distinctive beauty. From simple, elegant blooms to intricately patterned and diverse varieties, the options for a vibrant yellow tulip garden are truly endless. With a blend of vivid hues, each tulip type brings a sense of freshness and excitement for all flower and nature enthusiasts. With detailed information and descriptions of each flower, it is hoped that you can select and create a stunning and impressive yellow tulip garden of your own.

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