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17 Purple and White Flowers for Your Garden (with Pictures)

Any garden may be made to seem elegant and peaceful with the addition of purple and white flowers. These blooms, which include petunias, iris, and lavender, provide a lovely contrast in color and make an eye-catching arrangement.

These flowers arouse feelings of grace and tranquility, whether it’s the vivid clusters of purple and white pansies or the delicate petals of a white rose tinted with purple.

Their beauty is timeless, lending charm to springtime gardens and serenity to summertime vistas. Purple and white flowers are always a timeless combination that captivates admirers when used in bouquets or borders.

Different Types of Purple and White Flowers


Purple and White Flowers

Nemophila maculata, also referred to as Fivespot, is a trailing annual plant that thrives in direct sunshine and adds elegance to hanging baskets. Its gorgeously colored bell-shaped flowers lend a touch of beauty and elegance to any garden or hanging arrangement.

Wishbone Flower

Purple and White Flowers

Known by most as Wishbone Flower, Torenia ‘Clown Mix’ boasts a stunning color display with white and blue flowers with adorable purple edges. With its vivid blossoms, this variety delights flower lovers and provides a lively and colorful touch to any garden or landscape. It grows on compact plants.


Purple and White Flowers

The exquisite purple and white color combination of Petunia ‘Merlin’ is highlighted by vivid yellow centers. This type, known by its botanical name Petunia, is tall, growing 14 to 20 inches, and it brightens any landscape or garden with a pop of color. Its vivid blooms make it an alluring option for those who love flowers and are looking for elegance and charm.

Chalon Supreme

Purple and White Flowers

The viola x wittrockiana ‘Chalon Supreme’ dazzles with its vibrant yellow centers and deep purple petals with a white border. This pansy is perfect for cottage gardens as it lends a touch of elegance and charm to any kind of setting. For a delightful variation, consider ‘Inspire Deluxxe Mulberry Mix,’ featuring enchanting purple-white blooms.


Purple and White Flowers

Eustoma grandiflorum, popularly referred to as Lisianthus, exhibits exquisitely ruffled white petals with subtle purple edges and vivid yellow centers. In order to properly grow this beauty, make sure the soil is sandy and well-drained, as this will give the plant the right circumstances for growth and flowering.


Purple and White Flowers

Gloxinia, also known as Sinningia speciosa, is a plant that produces velvety, purple-white, trumpet-shaped blooms that are quite attractive. This everlasting beauty adorns landscapes every year, which makes it a great choice for potted plants. It thrives just as well indoors, lending grace and elegance to any living area.

Splish Splash Geranium

Purple and White Flowers

The geranium pratense ‘Splish Splash’ has lovely, ruffled white petals with eye-catching purple specks and flecks that make for a pretty pattern. This cultivar captivates enthusiasts with its distinctive and vivid blooms, growing to a height of 23–27 inches, making it a remarkable addition to any garden or landscape.

Encyclia Orchid

Purple and White Flowers

The Encyclia Orchid, botanically known as Encyclia, has a peculiar appearance that is similar to that of an octopus. Its purple-white petals gently droop. Enthusiasts are mesmerized by the orchid species’ beautiful deep purple and white blossoms, which lend an exotic touch to any collection.

Wolf’s Bane

Purple and White Flowers

The term “monkshood” for Wolf’s Bane, formally known as Aconitum, originates from the remarkable resemblance between the upper sepals of its florets and a monk’s hood. Its intriguing purple veins cover its white petals, lending intrigue to an already alluring appearance.

Evening Primrose

Purple and White Flowers

The Onagraceae family includes the evening primrose, which is a lovely garden accented with goblet-shaped purple petals that have an eye-catching yellow-white pattern. With their exquisite beauty, these spectacular blossoms enchant and lend a touch of refinement and charm to any garden or landscape arrangement.

Sweet Rocket

Purple and White Flowers

Hesperis matronalis, commonly known as Sweet Rocket, showcases lovely purple or white blossoms emitting a mesmerizing evening fragrance. These charming blooms can be used to enhance the natural beauty of any outdoor location, especially in wildlife habitats or cottage gardens.


Purple and White Flowers

Cineraria, or Pericallis cruenta, is a plant with vivid purple and white bicolored flowers. This delicate perennial adds a dramatic touch to gardens and landscapes, growing to a height of four to five feet. Cineraria infuses any outdoor area with elegance because to its alluring blossoms.

Dwarf Crested Iris

Purple and White Flowers

Dwarf Crested Iris, or Iris crestata, has beautiful purple petals with elaborate patterns of white and yellow. This attractive plant, which grows to only 6 to 9 inches tall, looks great in partial shade but can also withstand full sun. Its brilliant blossoms offer a dash of color to gardens.

Milky Bellflower

Purple and White Flowers

The name “Milky Bellflower,” or Campanula lactiflora, comes from the flowers, which can be white with blue undertones or purple in various tints. With its graceful stems and lovely blossoms, this exquisite perennial can grow to a height of three to five feet, adding beauty to gardens.

Big Bang Lily

Purple and White Flowers

Known by its common name, Big Bang Lily, Lilium ‘Big Bang’ produces eye-catching six-petaled blooms that face outward. Their creamy white color is complemented with eye-catching swirls and spots of deep purple. Its attractiveness is enhanced by the brilliant rich bronze anthers that crown its stamens.

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